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Panic! Buy!

This series of images captures a deeply personal journey through the unprecedented 2020 pandemic. Amidst the tumultuous times, I found myself on the frontlines as a key worker in a supermarket, grappling with profound losses like many others. In the midst of these challenges, my workplace became an anchor, providing stability in an uncertain world.

The series delves into the profound impact of panic buying and its effect on my own mental well-being. It serves as a poignant reflection of our "new normal," shedding light on the extreme measures people resorted to while stocking up on essential items. Through these images, I strive to bring attention to these pressing issues, offering my unique perspective on the situation. Infused with touches of humor, my coping mechanism, the series serves as a window into my mind and my quest for a sense of belonging amidst the chaos.

Face Mask


Hand Sanitiser