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On The Buses

On The Buses is a small Street/Portrait project inspired by photographer Travis Huggett. After seeing his images I wanted to undertake a small project that captured people's portraits as they travelled on buses.


I felt drawn to this project as I rely on public transport. Each day I would travel on the bus to and from my destinations, each time I would see new faces, styles and emotions, but I never thought about photographing what I had seen as I was quite nervous about confrontation from people.


I wanted the series to almost be a portrait of Glasgow. Millions of people use public transport every day, I wanted this to be a tiny representation of them.


I fell in love with my images pretty quickly. Seeing peoples reactions to my camera and the opportunities that arose from the project have helped me overcome those initial fears of confrontation and has influenced me greatly in becoming more confident in myself and in my art.

Photobox Instagram Photography Awards (PIPA) Shortlisted 2019

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