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My Teddy Edwards is a story that focuses on my mum and her life, with an emphasis on her battle with depression. It’s an amalgamation of images from my mum's childhood, with letters from her days of receiving treatment for her depression and images taken over the last year.

It’s a project that hits very close to home both figuratively and literally as over the last year with the COVID-19 pandemic I went through a lot of personal loss, including the loss of family members, which unfortunately resulted in me having to fight my own battle with depression. However, lockdown allowed me to spend a lot more time with my mum, and I began to realise the importance of the people closest to me, especially her.

The project comes from a small letter written by my mum while she was receiving treatment for her depression. The letter was about her old teddy bear (Teddy Edwards) and how she remembered that she had kept him since she was less than a year old. He reminded her of her happier times as a child growing up in Milton, Glasgow, when she knew that her family was alive and well, and when she had no worries or cares in the world. The story of Teddy Edwards resonated with me in that it was a reminder of her love for her home and family, something that I loved and had inspired me to create this project.

I hope that my mum's story may be one that resonates with other people as well. For my mum it is my own small display of love and appreciation. To me, she is my home.

My Teddy Edwards has been selected to be a part of the Street Level Open exhibition 2022. The project will be exhibited at Street Level Photoworks from the 28th of May until the 7th of August 2022.  

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Street Level Photoworks Open 2022 Exhibition

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